Utländska klienter

Turning things around

A few friends of mine had been advising me to try hypnosis and when Johan became my neighbor in Koh Phangan, i took it as a sign to give it a go. For the past decade i had been in a cycle of sicknesses and diseases. A health issue after another came up as soon as i started to feel even a little bit better. Something always smacked me down to the ground when i tried to make my life better and get out of the misery sicnesses and my own self-desctructive behavior had caused. I also had been struggling immensely with the lack of self-love. It was non-existant, to be truly honest. I was constantly stressed and afraid to make any life-choises and decisions as i didn’t believe i was worthy of happines and health. I so much wanted to believe i was, but didn’t know how. Working with Johan was a vital turning point that positively turned things all around. Throughout the two sessions we had he helped me to uncover the self-love that had been suffocated for so long, find courage to speak my truth and speak up for myself, lift the blanket of fear off of my shoulders and regain my faith towards life and my own worth. It might sound too good to be true, but that is because it kinda is. It’s not a random miracle, it’s work that creates miracles, allows them to happen. I can not end this review without saying, that please do not doubt your ability to heal. Johan is an amazing professional and a compassionate human being to help you do that. 

Eve Finland


Resolving a bad situation

Sometimes I catch myself blocking some of my thoughts and traumas in order to keep me going, but unless I work thru them I can’t grow from them. I had the chance to talk and do a hypnosis session with Johan, and he helped me to do just that. In my experience with him, he allowed me to connect with myself on a very sensitive topic very directly. Our session helped me clear my mind from the fog that has been closing my vision and stopping me from moving on from this trauma. Our session allowed me to have a conversation with that feeling that was pushed down, and understand its feelings. He reminded me once again how powerful my mind is, and I am very grateful for all the things I learned from him. I can’t wait for the next time our paths cross, and do another session with him.



Finding awesomeness inside

Dear Johan, I just wanted to take a moment, and share that Nice experience I had doing the sessions with you. I think it might be useful if you post my feedback on your website, so people will know that somebody like me had to travel to your office from USA… Well, being a therapist myself, I have not only improved my physical and mental conditions during the sessions that you performed, but I have also learned a lot from you. Now I’m using your techniques in my practice with big success too.Thanks Again, Denis Issoupov Bothell, WA USA



Johan, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me. Since I saw you I really feel like i'm a different person. I feel great! Your Method really made a difference and i'm telling all my friends about you. Thank you so much for being such a gifted therapist. Kind regards, Brian, London (England)


Long term struggle

Johan is a gifted and compassionate therapist. My experiance with him and helped me to resolve my long term struggle with myself.Thank you Johan! You're amazing!!! Nekka Ingersoll NaplesUsa


Felt like a session with 10 surgeons

Thank you Johan  for working with me during  the session –your professionalism made it very comfortable for me to totally relax. It was wonderful to connect with my energy. During the session it felt like 10 surgeons were working ‘energetically’ on my abdomen, no pain, just a very peaceful experience…..keep up the great work you are doing !!!” Peggy O'Shea New York Usa